Review this whole year,it was inspired me a lot. Before this MA course,the methodology,research and practice of my creation are immaturity.  Also my understanding of digital art,was restricted to it will interactive with audience and look so cool. These shallow cognize cause I have no idea what I am going to do in my MA course. I remember I was so confused after my first tutorial,bordering on kind of aimless. I was using undergraduate thinking and methodology to create which is a little passive and pipe dream. Every idea is base on ‘I think’,but hardly think about ‘why?’.

So the first important aspect I learned is every idea and theory should have a reason. After the first tutorial with Jonathan,I began to realize every idea need a theory support,not just a simple interest. I think this is the different between BA and MA,thinking as an artist not student. I began to read theoretical book and gained inspiration through the reflection. I found a point to started my project after different tutorial and started my research paper. I learned how to use objective theory and methodology to rethink and develop my idea. The reflective journal help me to sort out interest and develop to a idea. Even I’m feeling lazy about updating my blog before,but I think I began get used to it. In the future I would like to formed the habit of writing reflective journal.

But above all,keep doing things is my greatest gain,though I know I did bad in this year. Once a habit is formed,it is difficult and sometimes impossible to shake it off,like difficult to get going. Maybe because my BA subject is animation,I won’t started to make animation until I have thought up a good script and storyboard. Thus I just did it same in my MA course. But I found that it was completely different in digital art. There are majority of unpredictable problem in physical work and it takes time and lots of effort to test. Sometimes these test will inspired new ideas. However,I still learned a lot from those experiments. Even though I was regret that I spent too many time on thinking,but I learned from it and I will do better in the future.

In my final project proposal,I want to create an aesthetic psychedelic experience to audience within visual and audio that inspired by some book and information online I read. In daily life,self and the outside physical world are separated. Take the outside world as human’s opposite matter,as the object,to experience,and produce the modern science and technology. Especially in today’s technological society,the comparison of self and outside matter particularly evident that create alienation,threat and loneliness. After people use psychedelic,the boundary of per se and outside world become blurred,it bring pleasure temporary. So this experience intend to enlarge perception especially some perception which we can not control.

At first I want to make a space which can hold 1 people(link). And it will have voice interaction,I also learn how to use pure data make interactive and do some simple test. However,after the tutorial,I found that it is impossible to build a space in the exhibition space. Jonathan help me to reduce the size and doped out a solution. Then came with my new idea,create a 3 layers frame and project video on it. For the frame,I testes different fabric(link1) (link2)  and choose on kind of Chiffon in the end. Then I started to make video and timber frame. I found that it took a long time to finished my frame. Because I made a ugly box in the interim show,so I don’t want to ruin it. I learned that the quality of  display is one of the essential aspect in the artwork. So I spent about two weeks to finished it and tried to make it perfect. The video is also important,so I spent lots of time for testing,tried to project on fabric when I made it. Intend to get a better visual effect on 3 layers fabric not on computer. The video I tried to use first person view to create an psychedelic experience. Combine with twisty long shot and micro video which filmed by phone. Then I used mirror paper to rolled it in different shape and put it on my computer screen. Creating kinds of trippy video.  After different testing and changing,I finish my video. About the interaction of my work,because I spent too much time on the frame and video,so I haven’t make interactive test. Time is extremely limited,it take longer time than I expected. So I have rethink about interactive idea,I found that it doesn’t add too many extra meaning to my work. Moreover my projector have some problem about display video via HDMI. I can only use USB to present my video. Thus these aspects led to give up interaction in my work. In this work,I learned that I should test more early before I make my work.

About the future,I found that the projective effect on multi layers is quite dramatic. I want to keep doing and testing this in the future. Not only focus on the visual aesthetics,but also the quality of experience that I learned from this MA course. Also the psychedelic concept,there are still majority of interesting experiences are attractive to me. I would like to keep focusing on this idea and try to make more possibility.


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