Unit 1 Assignment

1.Project Proposal 

The first idea of my project proposal is SAMSARA (link) which was abstract.Actually,I don’t have a clear idea at that time.After the first tutorial with Jonathan(link),I realized that my idea is too simple and I know nothing about interactive art.Jonathan suggested me to read some article to learn about what is interaction.After reading article “The art of interaction”(link) and look at some interactive artwork,I found that most of them have common aspect.In these article and artwork,artists are focus on how to attract audience,how to let audience stay longer,or how they interactive with artwork etc.I thought they had ignore the visual aesthetic of art.Thus,I wrote down my project proposal.(link)

2.Practice based research 

Base on my project proposal and look at some work(link),I make my first experiment — flip book(link).However,this experiment have some abuse ,it also bring some question to me.So I continue to read some articles and books(link).After this,I join a Black&White photograph workshop(link),which is interesting.

Because i intend to make a installation in my final project,so I began to learn processing myself.It is completely new to me,and most effect of processing are unexpected.During this time,I have went to V&A watched exhibition(link) and watched a traditional puppet theatre(link).I found traditional art form have pure and strong emotion which technology don’t have.So I think,how about combine them together.Then I tried to do some small test,the result is interesting for me.After tutorial,they suggested me to use my own hand-draw work to work with processing.So I had make some practices(link).

After this,I got an opportunity to cooperate with my friend to make a experiment.First me,shiye and Jake Huang decided the storyboard of this experiment together (link).After confirm the storyboard,we have make a little test(link) that observed the effect.After the first test,we found that the visual effect was nice.So we continue to made first part of animation(link).Because lack of time,so we changed the plan(link).We record a formal video when we finished animation(link).It was nice,close to our expected.At this time,interim show is almost begin,so I going to set up interim show.First we will edit our video(link).Then 26th of Feb,we went to set up out box(link) and join the interim show(link) on 27th.

3.Reflective journal

After finished the first experiment flip book and watched some exhibitions(link)(link),I come with some idea(link).After came with these ideas,I make some experiment about processing which had introduce above.

Then is mid point review,it was quite interesting that you can’t say anything during discussion of your work.In the end,it also come with some idea(link).

Now,I need to further my final project,and try to make more experiment.Next step,I will try to project some image on human’s body.(link)And after tutorial with Fran Cottell(link),I will begin to do more experiment and confirm my final project as soon as possible.

4.Research paper

Before the first research paper,I don’t have any idea about my research paper.After read some book(link),I come with a simple idea.The changing role of aesthetics in interactive artwork.In the first tutorial(link),Jane suggested me to continue.Then I look at some examples(link1)(link2)(link3)(link4)(link5),and read book(link),my research paper idea had new progress.I found the aesthetics of interactive artwork always uncontrollability.Hence,I explain my new idea and example to Jane in second tutorial(link).After this tutorial,I borrowed those book Jane recommend.Before the third tutorial with Jonathan(link),I read those book (link1)(link2),and found more example which is interactive art(link1)(link2)(link3).In the third tutorial,it had inspire me a lot.I decided to focus on voice installation as example(link1)(link2)(link3)(link4).At the same time,I continue reading(link1)(link2)(link3) and wrote down a draft(link).

The fourth tutorial(link),Jane read my draft and gave me some suggestion.Thus I analyzed example first,”Voice Tunnel”(link) and “which is your brass voice”(link),then read(link1)(link2).

Research paper(link)


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