Finish my frame and set up

Finally I finished my frame. I learned majority psychical skill though the process. I haven’t make a frame before,so this means a lots to me. Every step of the process is difficult to make it perfect,like drill hole,cover fabric perfectly,joint them together.



Even the back side,I tried to make it look better,use tape to hide the staple. Because I learned that this is part of my work,I need to try my best,take it seriously.

IMG_0789 IMG_0761IMG_0808

And finally I finished the set up. I know it is not the most perfect one,but for me,I have try my best. So I’m quite satisfy about it.

IMG_0810 IMG_0813 IMG_0814



Some notes about reading’Learn to look – art and tech demand it’


After reading this article,I have a new understanding of digital art.things are not look like they always look like.Indeed,artist are not only play one role in art area.they also as a scientist,coder,psychologist etc.The boundary of digital art is becoming unclear.I speculate this is a good phenomenon.I think high technology provide a various innovate way for artist to create. And focus on different areas will inspire artists and divergent thinking.I think art just provide a platform for artist to express their invisible thinking and ideas.No matter painting or contemporary art.Thus,don’t focus on the art form is belong to art area or not,or those art forms are visible or invisible,that’s not important.

About how to look,reminded me a lecture about London project. I think the way of seeing is important,because different people look at same thing but they got different things,those are one-side view.we need to learn looking in different ways.