MA Project Proposal

1.Working Title:

The aesthetic created by interaction


Aim:research about how audience’s engagement,such as their behavior,create an aesthetic visual effect to video or animation.

-To see how important aesthetic visual for video.

-To see how digital technology influence and combine with video,such as animation.

-To learn how the interaction of audience become a part of digital artwork.

-Explore can interaction bring aesthetic visual effect to the artwork?


Historical-From the earliest silent films era,video and animation,they attract audiences via strong visual impact which also full of aesthetics.Those fascinating moving images are created by artists and director.They know how to use light and shadow,composition,even hue to create the most aesthetic and impact video.Because most of them had learned and trained about aesthetics.

Contemporary-Since the existence of digital technology,it provide more possibilities and methods for video to create aesthetic visual effect.These effect are dramatic and high-tech which traditional skill can not achieve.Besides,digital technology also provide a new art form,interaction.Increasing advent of interactive artwork,such as human-computer interaction,audience become a particular part of artwork.Artist began try their works out with the public before completion,because an interactive work is not complete without participants.(‘The art of interaction’)But most of the  interactive artwork are focus on engagement,for example,the way artwork interact with audience,is that engagement sustained.Indeed,interaction is a good way to for audience to actually get in touch with artwork,also can deeper understand the intention of artist.However,in some sense,it is these interaction make the artwork lost some of their aesthetics,because most audiences are amateurs.Thus,most interactive digital art tend to focus on behaviors and response of  computer system.

Theoretical-Interaction is an innovate way to express art,but as an art form,aesthetics is still the intention of it.Thus,I intend to explore how interaction create aesthetic visual effect.It can not only keep their intention that express ideas of beauty,but also can help audience to know the essence of artwork in an actual physical way.



Learn and explore the essence of aesthetic visual in video.

Find out a theme of video,such as SAMSARA.

Use animation as the video form,such as black and white animation.

Explore new ways to express visual of animation,such as use digital projection technique to persent on some subject,3D mapping.


learn about the basis knowledge of interactive technology,make some experiment,such as use of intel’s new galileo microprocessor board.

learn about how to use HCI technology.

research about how can interaction create aesthetics in anyway.


Temporary idea is make an installation that combine with animation,it can also interact with audience,create aesthetic visual via interaction.

6.Work Plan:

Total 45 weeks

1 -10  weeks      research,find out the theme and form of animation and initial idea;research and learn some interactive technology

11-30  weeks     experiment and find out the finalize proposal

31-45  weeks     prepare for the project and exhibit in final show




The art of interaction–‘Digital Creativity’