cooperative experiment ‘I,Malvolio’ (2)

After confirm the storyboard of “I,Malvolio” ,we design to how to achieve it.At first,we intend to make real interaction between dancer and animation.But we don’t know how to achieve interaction and interactive software.So we use a stupid way to make it that is a fake interaction.We decided to record the dancer dance first,then I will use computer make animation base on this video.After complete the animation,we will use projector project the animation on dancer’s body when he is dancing. So it will look like they are interactive if dancer won’t make mistake.Although this is a fake interaction,but the final effect is same.

So,Jake was record Lin dance first.

Then I use After Effect to make a simple test in order to figure out the practicability of our plan.

屏幕快照 2014-03-01 上午1.54.26

屏幕快照 2014-03-01 上午1.54.34

Our ideal result is like this:

Therefore, Jake used the projector projected on Lin when he is dancing.Because i use software to make animation in a 2D condition,so Jake need to use 3D mapping software iSadora to adjust animation’s shape in order to fix the deformation problem.To make sure the real world animation look same as the computer one.So firstly we just try to used projector project the video above on the table which against the wall,this is a simulation of real performance.See what happen when a 2D animation project on two sides,figure the rectangle will change to which shape.If the rectangle deformation cannot use iSadora restore,we need to make a deformation animation first base on the real world.

After our test,we found the rectangle is not too deformation.So we can make a normal 2D animation first,and use iSadora adjust the shape when it is projecting.