Some exhibition

Recently,I had went to some exhibitions and galleries.

White Cube

IMG_6002 IMG_6003 IMG_6004 IMG_6005 IMG_6006 IMG_6011 IMG_6010 IMG_6009


These painting are interesting,artist use those waste poster to create these completely different painting.They also remains audiences’ curiosity.Where were these posters come from,when were these posters produce,what are their original appearance?And what are they means when they mix together.In some distance,they are meaningful,because old posters and new posters are mix in a same painting.

Then next is a glass gallery,I had watch the process of making glass craft.It’s my first time watched how to make glass craft,it was amazing!

IMG_6022 IMG_6023 IMG_6025 IMG_6028 IMG_6026


Although the glass craft was fail in the end,but we were enjoy the process,process is the most important thing.

Poster has become a dying art,new digital advertising are replaced them silently.How far can these physical art can go?Digital painting can instead traditional painting,3D or computer animation instead traditional hard draw animation,3d painter can instead hand made produce quickly.Hight technology now bring convenient,environmental,excellent effect and interaction to art.But there still some realistically feeling which computer can not do.I think we need to think about the future of physical traditional art,what artist need to do is how to improve them,not replaces them.