‘For those who see’

In research of digital information the installation ‘for those who see’ created by Daniel Schulze shows the beauty of the unseen. The impulse of sound creates a vortex air ring‚ invisible, as the sound itself. Only fog is demonstrating this aesthetic phenomenon. Individually released to the air, our visual perception connects the single rings to patterns, surfaces or bodies, before they slowly dissolving. These could be viewed as a whole picture or an individual fragment – inviting one to contemplate and wonder.

forthosewhosee01 forthosewhosee02 forthosewhosee03 forthosewhosee04

I like these kinds of visible those unseen phenomenon.They present the invisible world to us,those aesthetics are fascinating.


‘The cave of sounds’

The Cave of Sounds is an interactive sound installation exploring the prehistoric origins of collective music making through the contemporary music hacker scene.The work has been created by Tim Murray-Browne in collaboration with members of the Music Hackspace during a ten month residency and debuts in London in August 2013.

CLOUD: An Interactive Sculpture

CLOUD is a large-scale interactive sculpture created from 6,000 light bulbs (new and burnt out) by Canadian artists Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett. The piece utilizes everyday domestic light bulbs and pull strings, re-imagining their potential to create wonder and inspire collaboration. As part of the process of creating the sculpture, the artists collected burnt out incandescent light bulbs from the surrounding community, forging an informal relationship with non-artists, reducing costs, and asking audiences to reconsider household items in an alternative context. During exhibition, viewers interact with CLOUD by initiating impromptu collaborations, working as a collective to turn the entire sculpture on and off.

This work use a simple way to interact,but display a nice visual result.However,this interaction is a little bit boring,audiences’ curiosity will disappear quickly,after all it is a simple daily action.But I think artists is clever,because they use a most simple way to express their idea,without too much high-technology,some time these ordinary ways can create a dramatic result.

Intangible states trailer

This is a live audiovisual performance by Stray Dogs & Legoman.Intangible States evokes the world of the urban nomad. Always in transit, everything seems a series of dreamlike states in which memories, the real and the imaginary collide.

The effect is excellent,match the performance very well.I’m curious how they display the video,use projector or LED screen?

Entry point of project – SAMSARA

I’m interested in SAMSARA–the transmigration of soul.The repeated cycles of birth,life,death and rebirth,are full of philosophical.The explanation of the transmigration in the dictionary is that “the indefinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery and death caused by of karma.” In the Buddhism all lives are believed to be reincarnation upon death. While in the book ‘The Tibetan Book of Dead’, brightness is regarded as the essence of life. If there is no awakening, life will be recycled by the life and death. The Hindu believes that every life will be reincarnated. The good and evil will end up in the retribution. There is no end to such recycle.Nowadays, some scientists also proposed the theory of soul transmigration through experiments and research.

Actually,in our life,there are full of this repeated cycle.Such as the cycle of fashion,the hottest trends is birth,life,disappear and rebirth,just like the transmigration of soul.Such as art,those art forms also experience their rise and fall,rebirth and innovation.This phenomenon is interesting.Either our souls or objects,issues in the world,they will have their transmigration.

In my opinion, I am convinced the existence of the transmigration of souls like a string of pearls. Each pearl is a life which is linked with another one. This pearl empowers next one just like the previous life propels the next life. The string linking pearls is just like the transmigration. I think it is the tool for the continuation and growth of souls. The progress and direction of the transmigration each time would be influenced by Karma of all lives.

I keen on use SAMSARA as the entry point of project.Temporarily, I got some ideas, i want to make a installation combine with video,audiences can interact with this installation.Once an audience interacts with the installation, their actions and interactions will create some thing or phenomenon on the installation.Then when the next audience interact with the installation,their actions and interactions will compound previous audience’s creation and create a new thing.

This is an abstract idea,and i need to do more research to further it.