High tech

Puppet Theatre 01/11







In 1st Nov,I went to a puppet theatre watched a puppet show.It’s my first time to watch real puppet show,this traditional form is quit attract me. I think,in some sense,these puppet theatre is akin of animation or video,which is in a physical form.Those puppet are exquisite.But now these kind of traditional art form are fade away, instead, invisible and virtual digital art form.Although, digital art form bring a breakthrough to contemporary,but this high-technology art form,lack of some vivid,primitive feeling which from traditional art form.Thus, I think we need to think about is that digital art is bringing something and losing something at the same time?


Thinking and question

I was very happy as a volunteer in Bing Xu’s exhibition “Taohuayuan” in these couples day.And I’m strongly agree his opinion that artist not only create an aesthetic work,but also influence audience’s thought and make them thinking.I think both concept and visual is very important,even in this digital age.


Recently, I was thinking about my final project.What i want to do is still confuse me.To me,digital art is a new area which i haven’t get into before.Thus every thing is interesting to me,even some simple technology.

After read some article and discusses with others,I think some people are too focus on the form in digital art,although this is an important part of artwork.Some people thing now is different to defined digital artist,because some of them is doing scientific things,they are scientist too.So this phenomenon cause some people believe,if digital artist want to innovate they need to invent high technology art form.But i thing this is partial.I speculate that the art exist at the first time is to express beauty and provide a way for people to show their ideas and thinking,make their thinking visible.So no matter the digital art form is visible or invisible,that is not important,because those artwork are all invisible at the first time,they are in people’s mind.They just use some way to express their invisible things.Digital artist want to innovate,they need to innovate their mind and ideas first,not their technology things.

However,it doesn’t means technology is nothings.Because these technology can inspire us sometime.Just don’t forgot thinking and aesthetic is the most important thing,technology and art form is secondary.Don’t forget the most nature thing when everything is developing.This is why i want to investigate the relationship between aesthetics and digital art.In this week,I want to research and find the answer of my questions.

-What is aesthetic?

-How they exist in the artwork?