An interesting effect

I happened to found this video online.It is use a CD and fire to make a multi-color effect which look like digital effect.It is creative,the medium is important part of it.And I found it is interesting that when you found some effect is make of simple material,you will feel amazing,but if it is only   projective effect,you maybe will think it just common effect.Some time the material and the way of making art is changing audience’s comment and reaction of this work.


Interim show


Tonight the interim show was open.It was exciting when I saw audience sit down and watch our work.

Then we discusses our work with Jonathan.He think our video is ok,but the box is extremely ugly.Jonathan said a bad appearance will affect audience look at our work.It will lead to some audience even don’t want to sit down and watch.Indeed,compare those work around,their set up and arrangement are exquisite.Another bad thing is we soiled the floor and Jake’s work.We did soiled the floor,but about soiled Jake’s work is not our fault.It was make by my friend,he is kind and help me to painted the chair that carelessly soiled Jake’s work.I saw how it happen,but he is not on purpose and I don’t want to blame him.Maybe is our fault because we haven’t remind him be careful. Although it was make me depressed,but I realized for the first time that set up and arrangement is important as well as the content.Because the appearance is part of artwork,it will attract audience’s curiosity and interaction,especially interactive art.I need to pay more attention on arrangement in my next work.About my video,I’m not satisfy about it.Because I want to make the projective animation look like float in the air.Jonathan said not one can to do it now.However,I had look at some work which use 3D mapping,they look like the animation is float in the air.Thus maybe I search about these information and figure out how they do it.