22/11/2013 exhibition

Last Friday there was a exhibition Friday Late in RA.But i was a little disappointed about the exhibition.Those work are boring for me,writing some important event on the post-it note,making plasticine crafts,placing the birds.And they called interaction,indeed audience are engage with the work,but i think an interactive artwork is more profound,not just playing game like a child.

However,some time art need some thing just for fun,but these kinds of art work still have a creative concept or method.But i can not saw any creative concept in those work,just normal thing which we can find easily in our life.That why i don’t like them.



After exhibition, I use the plasticine to make a little craft.

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Some exhibition

Recently,I had went to some exhibitions and galleries.

White Cube

IMG_6002 IMG_6003 IMG_6004 IMG_6005 IMG_6006 IMG_6011 IMG_6010 IMG_6009


These painting are interesting,artist use those waste poster to create these completely different painting.They also remains audiences’ curiosity.Where were these posters come from,when were these posters produce,what are their original appearance?And what are they means when they mix together.In some distance,they are meaningful,because old posters and new posters are mix in a same painting.

Then next is a glass gallery,I had watch the process of making glass craft.It’s my first time watched how to make glass craft,it was amazing!

IMG_6022 IMG_6023 IMG_6025 IMG_6028 IMG_6026


Although the glass craft was fail in the end,but we were enjoy the process,process is the most important thing.

Poster has become a dying art,new digital advertising are replaced them silently.How far can these physical art can go?Digital painting can instead traditional painting,3D or computer animation instead traditional hard draw animation,3d painter can instead hand made produce quickly.Hight technology now bring convenient,environmental,excellent effect and interaction to art.But there still some realistically feeling which computer can not do.I think we need to think about the future of physical traditional art,what artist need to do is how to improve them,not replaces them.


Thinking and question

I was very happy as a volunteer in Bing Xu’s exhibition “Taohuayuan” in these couples day.And I’m strongly agree his opinion that artist not only create an aesthetic work,but also influence audience’s thought and make them thinking.I think both concept and visual is very important,even in this digital age.


Recently, I was thinking about my final project.What i want to do is still confuse me.To me,digital art is a new area which i haven’t get into before.Thus every thing is interesting to me,even some simple technology.

After read some article and discusses with others,I think some people are too focus on the form in digital art,although this is an important part of artwork.Some people thing now is different to defined digital artist,because some of them is doing scientific things,they are scientist too.So this phenomenon cause some people believe,if digital artist want to innovate they need to invent high technology art form.But i thing this is partial.I speculate that the art exist at the first time is to express beauty and provide a way for people to show their ideas and thinking,make their thinking visible.So no matter the digital art form is visible or invisible,that is not important,because those artwork are all invisible at the first time,they are in people’s mind.They just use some way to express their invisible things.Digital artist want to innovate,they need to innovate their mind and ideas first,not their technology things.

However,it doesn’t means technology is nothings.Because these technology can inspire us sometime.Just don’t forgot thinking and aesthetic is the most important thing,technology and art form is secondary.Don’t forget the most nature thing when everything is developing.This is why i want to investigate the relationship between aesthetics and digital art.In this week,I want to research and find the answer of my questions.

-What is aesthetic?

-How they exist in the artwork?

Entry point of project – SAMSARA

I’m interested in SAMSARA–the transmigration of soul.The repeated cycles of birth,life,death and rebirth,are full of philosophical.The explanation of the transmigration in the dictionary is that “the indefinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery and death caused by of karma.” In the Buddhism all lives are believed to be reincarnation upon death. While in the book ‘The Tibetan Book of Dead’, brightness is regarded as the essence of life. If there is no awakening, life will be recycled by the life and death. The Hindu believes that every life will be reincarnated. The good and evil will end up in the retribution. There is no end to such recycle.Nowadays, some scientists also proposed the theory of soul transmigration through experiments and research.

Actually,in our life,there are full of this repeated cycle.Such as the cycle of fashion,the hottest trends is birth,life,disappear and rebirth,just like the transmigration of soul.Such as art,those art forms also experience their rise and fall,rebirth and innovation.This phenomenon is interesting.Either our souls or objects,issues in the world,they will have their transmigration.

In my opinion, I am convinced the existence of the transmigration of souls like a string of pearls. Each pearl is a life which is linked with another one. This pearl empowers next one just like the previous life propels the next life. The string linking pearls is just like the transmigration. I think it is the tool for the continuation and growth of souls. The progress and direction of the transmigration each time would be influenced by Karma of all lives.

I keen on use SAMSARA as the entry point of project.Temporarily, I got some ideas, i want to make a installation combine with video,audiences can interact with this installation.Once an audience interacts with the installation, their actions and interactions will create some thing or phenomenon on the installation.Then when the next audience interact with the installation,their actions and interactions will compound previous audience’s creation and create a new thing.

This is an abstract idea,and i need to do more research to further it.



The Poet Reclining 1915 by Marc Chagall 1887-1985

The Green Donkey 1911 by Marc Chagall 1887-1985

Last friday I went to Tate Liverpool,and saw the exhibition of Chagall. It’s compelling and impressive. I was not keen on these kinds of artwork before,because i can’t feel anything from these works.But in this exhibition, I was firstly shocked by Chagall’s artworks.Their color are vivid and elegant. In the past, I don’t like bright color,because i think they are exaggerated and vulgar.But from Chagall’s artworks, I saw they revealed poetic and delicate.

At the same time, I was thinking about,if these vivid color and abstract content combine with digital technology and installation,what will happen? I think it must be amazing. Surrealism and digital become integrate will be extremely interesting.