Video of final project

Macro video

Here are some macro video I filmed.

There are another macro videos I haven’t upload.

屏幕快照 2014-07-06 下午11.51.49

Then I drew some storyboard of the video.

IMG_0712 IMG_0725 IMG_0724

And also the script. The whole video just a simple journal use first person view,long shot and macro shot change alternately.





These day I have thought about the first static image. It was quite difficult to decided it because it need to attract audience get closer and sit down to watch. Then I came with an idea how about use cell as element. Because enlarge the perception is our neuron and cell to create our perception. So I found different cell and neuron image online. I found the color also quite dramatic. Smallworld_Hippocampal_neuron Photo: Kieran Boyle/Nikon Small World 13758439191dc39af6c7812928 Human Stem Cells Used to Elucidate Mechanisms of beta-cell Failure in Diabetes 1fp6cg By Florencia Cavodeassi, Kenzo Ivanovitch, Monica Folgueira, and Steve Wilson, University College London   So I search cell picture which I can use online. And tried to use them to edit an image.屏幕快照 2014-07-06 下午11.23.22   1 2 3 4  17 16 10 26 27 25副本 25 23   屏幕快照 2014-07-06 下午11.23.50 屏幕快照 2014-06-23 下午12.01.37

I spent lots of time to edit them and thought it will work. But unfortunately I found it didn’t work. Actually look bad and wasted time.