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Today I had do some research.

These are some image drew by some artist after they use hallucinogen.


Witkacy made this 1929 portrait of Neny Stachurskiej under the influence of peyote. (Jakimowicz 1985, plate 143).


Witkacy made this 1929 portrait of Teodora Bialynickiego-Birul under the influence of mescaline. (Jakimowicz 1985, plate 151).


Created under the influence of a psychedelic in a clinical setting (Roubíček 1961).


Created under the influence of a psychedelic in a clinical setting (Roubíček 1961).


Dr. Gerald Oster, chemist turned artist, following his LSD experience; pictured superimposed on one of his paintings. Photograph by Yale Joel, taken from “Psychedelic Art” in Life magazine, September 9, 1966.


Assorted mushroom-inspired images created by French subjects in Paris.


Mandalas created before (left) and after (right) an LSD session conducted in 1972 at the Maryland Psychiatric Center (Schultes & Hofmann 1979).


The phenomenon of alteratuion in the appreciation of the body extermities is illustrated in a sophisticated way by a professional painter. This drawing was executed by a well-known Czech artist after the recovery from LSD intoxication (Pandorama Sandoz, March-April 1968).


An untitled ink drawing done by Henri Michaux while under the influence of mescaline. From the collection at the Tate Gallery.


Assorted drawings of a model made at various stages of LSD inebriation.



And also found an relevant  video.

The chemical structure of hallucinogens and the structure of some substance in our body have close contact,such as DMT,also belong to a substance in out body. The latter is the central nervous system,such as LSD can change one’s character,world view and behavior. It have power to shape our destiny,but its productivity or damage cannot be controlled by our will. Substances such as adrenaline,formation or release through the thoughts and emotions. So as to determine the relevant part of the nervous system function. So we can imagine,our physical body is easily affected and shaped by our consciousness,our intellectual nature is shaped by our biochemistry mechanism. Hallucinogens just like a door of the consciousness,blurs the boundaries between consciousness and the physical world. More like consciousness is the foundation of universe,material is result of consciousness.

Now people immersed in the material world,ignoring the spirit of their own. These material leads to more and more people are lonely and empty. In the future,maybe they need these medicines to fill their spiritual emptiness.



Sorry about post 2 days post. These two day I had do some research,collected illusion experience and do some material test.

First I have tried 4 materials to test which one can project more than one layer.

1.kinds of paper which is translucence



First layer:



Second layer can not saw anything



2.kinds of paper more soft and more translucence




Second layer is not clear if project a pattern not a simple line.

IMG_9809 IMG_9813

3.White cotton


Second layer can saw the pattern but very blur,the effect is ok.


4.Silk,because I found all materials I bought are not suitable so I used my scarf to test. Please ignore the pattern on the silk.



First layer is very clear




Second layer is ok,I can saw the pattern detail clearly.




Then I tried to widen the distance between two layer to 30cm.





Still can saw the pattern detail,but weaker.



Then I add to 4 layer,the pattern can through 4 layer. But the fourth layer can not saw the pattern clearly. Only have blur outline.IMG_9795 IMG_9799  IMG_9804

I also tried to use dark color silk,the projective effect is not as good as white one.


But the effect which project on the wall is interesting.

After these test,it shows that I need to find a material similar as silk and white. Moreover,I think three layers is the limitation to see the pattern clear.

And some collections of LSD user’s experience.


And some notes of reading.


This are some people’s explanation of illusion.  J.E.D.Esguirol said it is a perception without an object. I think in some extent,interactive experience is kinds of illusion. Because like in immersive experience,audience feel they are in some where,but actually they sill in a gallery or exhibition.

IMG_9844 IMG_9845

These are some notes about the illusion and reality.


Some new idea of how to place layers in the space:




Today I had search some information of LSD which is a kind of  hallucinogenic drug. Because the author of  ‘The Door of perception’  wrote this book after he took LSD. What he said is a amazing experience. So I want to know what happen when other people use this.

Then I found a interview of LSD’s inventor Albert Hofmann.

屏幕快照 2014-05-01 下午11.37.40

屏幕快照 2014-05-01 下午11.37.32



Albert Hofmann took LSD and observe what happen on his body and mind for several times. The he describe his experience. He said he began to have hallucination after half hour. Then he ride to home,but he found he was being trapped in a point and the bicycle didn’t move no whether he pedaling furiously. Everything change and distort,became pretty horrible. People’s face became distorted and look like witch. He feel lost every perception and death,also feel his body leave his body. But he still can thinking soberly. After this,he found the fear became weak. He saw the endless varieties of color and feel full of delightful. He feel every things change their own meaning. Every sound –like the sound of close the door of car and the voice of doctors speaking,are accompany flowing abstract form or color pattern. Some time just feel like enter to a primitive tribe.

I think his experience is interesting. Like enter to a perception world. The reality become abstract and full of life. This is a aesthetic experience which not only about the visual,but also spirit. Albert Hofman have a new understanding toward life and reality. He said we can chose different way to look at external world which is subjective and measure up our own philosophical attitude.

In the interview,he mention a interesting example. A graphic designer who  never been to Mexico and saw art of Mexico,took the Mexico Psilocybin mushroom and began to drew lots of pattern. Few months later,she went to Mexico and found those pattern are very similar as Mexico art. This remind me the concept ‘Mind at Large’ in ‘The door of perception’.   ‘Each person is at each moment capable of remembering all that has ever happened to him and of perceiving everything that is happening everywhere in the universe. The function of the brain and nervous system is to protect us from being overwhelmed and confused by this mass of largely useless and irrelevant knowledge, by shutting out most of what we should otherwise perceive or remember at any moment, and leaving only that very small and special selection which is likely to be practically useful.’   This is quite inspire me,use our perception to look at our world would be an aesthetic experience which also connect with my research paper.

I also found some experience record from some people who took LSD online. Both of them are abstract,surreal,psychedelic. It will be a large workload if translate to english. So I will make some picture about this later. And still thinking how to explain my idea.