Project Proposal

Final Plan

There are two display structure of my final plan. About the material,I going to use chiffon. Then use this kind of hanging scroll to fix chiffon,and use fish thread hang up hanging scroll.


First structure


At first I want to place 3 layer above the space. But maybe it is complicated to achieve.


Second structure plan.



About the detail. I have some idea.

At first I will put some candy which look like drug in front of the space,ask audience to take one but I won’t tell them what is it. Or tell them is something To make this experience more programmatic.




Then audience enter into the space. Three audiences is maximum in every experience. Before this ask them to do a specific action(like clap their hands) when they see a quick flicker on fabric or hear a voice. Then this action will activate the video. In this step I just want  to create a illusion of psychological suggestion. So every experience will take difference time. If there are more than one audience,it will have some possibility that one audience have the quickest illusion,even other audience still haven’t see the illusion. Then tell them the flicker is an illusion in the end.  But I’m not sure the suggestion will work on every audiences or not. So it just a assumption. But I think if add the quantity of audience will increase the possibility of this assumption.

In the space I will play the video and use Puredata to change the effect of environment sound and audience’s voice,that also influence the video effect.




Visual effect part

These days I have tried to us AE create the visual effect of final project.

The first one is a video change based on the voice.



Second one change the view and change the voice effect.


Then I project on 2 layers chiffon.

IMG_0355 IMG_0353 IMG_0350 IMG_0349 IMG_0347 IMG_0345 IMG_0344 IMG_0346 IMG_0340 IMG_0338 IMG_0333 IMG_0332 IMG_0331 IMG_0328


In audience’s view:

I found the suitable distance between two layer is about 15cm. These layers create a intensive sense of space which will be helpful to the experience. But I think plus one more layer would be better. So I will buy more chiffon later.

New Project proposal

1.Working Title:

Aesthetics of illusion


Aim:create an aesthetic illusion experience to audience within visual and audio.

-To see how can this experience contact with perception

-To see how important aesthetic visual and audio for experience

-To learn how the interaction of audience become a part of digital artwork.



Historical- Scientists discovered accidentally different hallucinogens from plants.  Actually before this,it also used by religion which will create mystical experience long times ago,such as see the god and angel,or meditation. It also influence mysticism. These mystical experiences consolidate the position of religion and mysticism.

Contemporary-Hallucinogens become popular and used by hippy. These psychedelic experiences which affect all perception inspire lots of people to recognize the world and themselves,they said it is a amazing aesthetic experience. However,these hallucinogens were be banned by government because it was misused by lots of people. But now more and more subject use hallucinogens for experiment and treatment,such as neurology. It do a great job to psychopath like depression patient.

Theoretical-As my research paper,talk about the aesthetic of interaction is more focus on aesthetic of experience. The psychedelic experience open people’s perception and create a new experience which difference from our daily life. Aldous Huxley explain about it in his book ‘The door of perception’. ‘Each person is at each moment capable of remembering all that has ever happened to him and of perceiving everything that is happening everywhere in the universe. The function of the brain and nervous system is to protect us from being overwhelmed and confused by this mass of largely useless and irrelevant knowledge, by shutting out most of what we should otherwise perceive or remember at any moment, and leaving only that very small and special selection which is likely to be practically useful. According to such a theory, each one of us is potentially Mind at Large.’  

In daily life,self and the outside physical world are separated. Take the outside world as human’s opposite matter,as the object,to experience,and produce the modern science and technology. Especially in today’s technological society,the comparison of self and outside matter particularly evident that create alienation,threat and loneliness. After people use psychedelic,the boundary of per se and outside world become blurred,it bring pleasure temporary. So this experience intend to enlarge perception. Especially some perception which we can not control. Awake people self-consciousness and self-focus. 


J.E.D.Esguirol explain about illusion,’A perception without an object.’  K.Jaspers said illusion is a wrong perception,it is not caused by distortion of the senses or incorrect interpretation,when it happened,just like real perception. In my opinion,in some extent,interactive experience is kinds of illusion. Like in immersive experience,audience feel they are in some where,but actually they sill in a gallery or exhibition. So I will try to use AE and processing to create video which also have interaction with audience.


I will try to use fabric create a multi layer space,project illusion video on it. Multi layer will produce a kind of misty and virtual visual. And also try to use psychological hints to combine with interaction. In those psychedelic experience,people also mention about voice illusion. Thus I will try to use voice to make interact. Receiving the surround sound and transform to another audio effect and visual effect at the same time.


MA Project Proposal

1.Working Title:

The aesthetic created by interaction


Aim:research about how audience’s engagement,such as their behavior,create an aesthetic visual effect to video or animation.

-To see how important aesthetic visual for video.

-To see how digital technology influence and combine with video,such as animation.

-To learn how the interaction of audience become a part of digital artwork.

-Explore can interaction bring aesthetic visual effect to the artwork?


Historical-From the earliest silent films era,video and animation,they attract audiences via strong visual impact which also full of aesthetics.Those fascinating moving images are created by artists and director.They know how to use light and shadow,composition,even hue to create the most aesthetic and impact video.Because most of them had learned and trained about aesthetics.

Contemporary-Since the existence of digital technology,it provide more possibilities and methods for video to create aesthetic visual effect.These effect are dramatic and high-tech which traditional skill can not achieve.Besides,digital technology also provide a new art form,interaction.Increasing advent of interactive artwork,such as human-computer interaction,audience become a particular part of artwork.Artist began try their works out with the public before completion,because an interactive work is not complete without participants.(‘The art of interaction’)But most of the  interactive artwork are focus on engagement,for example,the way artwork interact with audience,is that engagement sustained.Indeed,interaction is a good way to for audience to actually get in touch with artwork,also can deeper understand the intention of artist.However,in some sense,it is these interaction make the artwork lost some of their aesthetics,because most audiences are amateurs.Thus,most interactive digital art tend to focus on behaviors and response of  computer system.

Theoretical-Interaction is an innovate way to express art,but as an art form,aesthetics is still the intention of it.Thus,I intend to explore how interaction create aesthetic visual effect.It can not only keep their intention that express ideas of beauty,but also can help audience to know the essence of artwork in an actual physical way.



Learn and explore the essence of aesthetic visual in video.

Find out a theme of video,such as SAMSARA.

Use animation as the video form,such as black and white animation.

Explore new ways to express visual of animation,such as use digital projection technique to persent on some subject,3D mapping.


learn about the basis knowledge of interactive technology,make some experiment,such as use of intel’s new galileo microprocessor board.

learn about how to use HCI technology.

research about how can interaction create aesthetics in anyway.


Temporary idea is make an installation that combine with animation,it can also interact with audience,create aesthetic visual via interaction.

6.Work Plan:

Total 45 weeks

1 -10  weeks      research,find out the theme and form of animation and initial idea;research and learn some interactive technology

11-30  weeks     experiment and find out the finalize proposal

31-45  weeks     prepare for the project and exhibit in final show




The art of interaction–‘Digital Creativity’

Entry point of project – SAMSARA

I’m interested in SAMSARA–the transmigration of soul.The repeated cycles of birth,life,death and rebirth,are full of philosophical.The explanation of the transmigration in the dictionary is that “the indefinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery and death caused by of karma.” In the Buddhism all lives are believed to be reincarnation upon death. While in the book ‘The Tibetan Book of Dead’, brightness is regarded as the essence of life. If there is no awakening, life will be recycled by the life and death. The Hindu believes that every life will be reincarnated. The good and evil will end up in the retribution. There is no end to such recycle.Nowadays, some scientists also proposed the theory of soul transmigration through experiments and research.

Actually,in our life,there are full of this repeated cycle.Such as the cycle of fashion,the hottest trends is birth,life,disappear and rebirth,just like the transmigration of soul.Such as art,those art forms also experience their rise and fall,rebirth and innovation.This phenomenon is interesting.Either our souls or objects,issues in the world,they will have their transmigration.

In my opinion, I am convinced the existence of the transmigration of souls like a string of pearls. Each pearl is a life which is linked with another one. This pearl empowers next one just like the previous life propels the next life. The string linking pearls is just like the transmigration. I think it is the tool for the continuation and growth of souls. The progress and direction of the transmigration each time would be influenced by Karma of all lives.

I keen on use SAMSARA as the entry point of project.Temporarily, I got some ideas, i want to make a installation combine with video,audiences can interact with this installation.Once an audience interacts with the installation, their actions and interactions will create some thing or phenomenon on the installation.Then when the next audience interact with the installation,their actions and interactions will compound previous audience’s creation and create a new thing.

This is an abstract idea,and i need to do more research to further it.