Macro video

Here are some macro video I filmed.

There are another macro videos I haven’t upload.

屏幕快照 2014-07-06 下午11.51.49

Then I drew some storyboard of the video.

IMG_0712 IMG_0725 IMG_0724

And also the script. The whole video just a simple journal use first person view,long shot and macro shot change alternately.






These day I have thought about the first static image. It was quite difficult to decided it because it need to attract audience get closer and sit down to watch. Then I came with an idea how about use cell as element. Because enlarge the perception is our neuron and cell to create our perception. So I found different cell and neuron image online. I found the color also quite dramatic. Smallworld_Hippocampal_neuron Photo: Kieran Boyle/Nikon Small World 13758439191dc39af6c7812928 Human Stem Cells Used to Elucidate Mechanisms of beta-cell Failure in Diabetes 1fp6cg By Florencia Cavodeassi, Kenzo Ivanovitch, Monica Folgueira, and Steve Wilson, University College London   So I search cell picture which I can use online. And tried to use them to edit an image.屏幕快照 2014-07-06 下午11.23.22   1 2 3 4  17 16 10 26 27 25副本 25 23   屏幕快照 2014-07-06 下午11.23.50 屏幕快照 2014-06-23 下午12.01.37http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0SsNBQAXsk

I spent lots of time to edit them and thought it will work. But unfortunately I found it didn’t work. Actually look bad and wasted time.

Different Chiffon

These two day I went to different fabric market to found appropriate fabric for projection. It is extremely tricky to find a fabric not only have a exact density but also have a appropriate hardness. Those fabric have a low density like net. The benefit of net is it can project more than three layers. But it the image can’t stay clear on the net except simple lines. The Chiffon which I have test before is ok,but not the perfect one because the third layer image is not very clear. So I need to find a fabric is more transparent.


At first I thought there are only one kind of Chiffon. But I found that actually there all majority of Chiffon,different density and texture. Then I bought different kinds of Chiffon in different fabric shop.




1.This one is very nice,but it is too soft. The image on the second layer is not very clear.




2.This Chiffon is soft too,and imaging is not perfect.




3.This one is quite nice for project image on 3 layers,but it is too gloss and it will have reflect light on it.




4.This one is not clear when image project on second layer.



5.This one is the most prefect one that not only have appropriate density but also can see the image very clear on each layer. So I will choose this kind of Chiffon to make the screen.





These days I have made frames and test the effect of it. I tried to place them in different way and saw what happen.

The first one is place 3 layers in a simple way.



IMG_0400 IMG_0398 IMG_0404


And tried to project this kinds of static image on it. But I found it is not very work on project on the fabric. The moving effect is not intensive.  But other kinds of image is interesting and have a sense of space. Like the video I make,it project on 3 layers looks a little bit psychedelic.

下载 images (2)


Then I tried to place like screen.


Firstly projected video on it.

Then projected static images on it and watched it in different view.

The effect is similar as the first one. But there have a problem that it will have shadows on the fabricL So if place like this way I need to place accurate to avoid shadow.  And also the screen which close to audience is bigger that the other one.

The third one is place in different way.


This one the shadow problem seems more strong. So I think the first one and second one is more suitable.

About the question which I need to think about,the video will move very slow,look like static. Or it will static when not one sit down,but it will move in 1 to 2 seconds and then restore. Like the signal is distort for 2 seconds and restore. So the audience will confuse about it and not sure they saw it or just dazzled. And maybe when they get closer the distort will appear more frequently.

About what happens when audience sit down,I think video will begin to play and also sound. The video will continue about 2 minutes. The video I made before is not suitable,I tired to make another one. Maybe use some figurative image combine into a abstract video. The video will become static when audience leave.

I also did the mirror paper test.

Tried different shape:

Tried longer distance.

These effect are dramatic. I found triangle and circle have better effects. And  longer distance will create more psychedelic effect.

Final Plan

There are two display structure of my final plan. About the material,I going to use chiffon. Then use this kind of hanging scroll to fix chiffon,and use fish thread hang up hanging scroll.


First structure


At first I want to place 3 layer above the space. But maybe it is complicated to achieve.


Second structure plan.



About the detail. I have some idea.

At first I will put some candy which look like drug in front of the space,ask audience to take one but I won’t tell them what is it. Or tell them is something To make this experience more programmatic.




Then audience enter into the space. Three audiences is maximum in every experience. Before this ask them to do a specific action(like clap their hands) when they see a quick flicker on fabric or hear a voice. Then this action will activate the video. In this step I just want  to create a illusion of psychological suggestion. So every experience will take difference time. If there are more than one audience,it will have some possibility that one audience have the quickest illusion,even other audience still haven’t see the illusion. Then tell them the flicker is an illusion in the end.  But I’m not sure the suggestion will work on every audiences or not. So it just a assumption. But I think if add the quantity of audience will increase the possibility of this assumption.

In the space I will play the video and use Puredata to change the effect of environment sound and audience’s voice,that also influence the video effect.




Visual effect part

These days I have tried to us AE create the visual effect of final project.

The first one is a video change based on the voice.



Second one change the view and change the voice effect.


Then I project on 2 layers chiffon.

IMG_0355 IMG_0353 IMG_0350 IMG_0349 IMG_0347 IMG_0345 IMG_0344 IMG_0346 IMG_0340 IMG_0338 IMG_0333 IMG_0332 IMG_0331 IMG_0328


In audience’s view:

I found the suitable distance between two layer is about 15cm. These layers create a intensive sense of space which will be helpful to the experience. But I think plus one more layer would be better. So I will buy more chiffon later.