Month: April 2014

Experience of Hallucinogenic

After reading ‘The Door of perception’,I came with an idea.At first,i want to make something connect with samsara,but this topic is a little bit superstition and narrative.I think it is suitable to make a animation.However,after these few days,I read some book about invisible,mysticism,occult,inner,and also watch some video about mysticism and buddhism.I found that all these are connect with perception and spirit pre se.

Then this book inspire my inspiration.Author took some mescalin,sat down and waited to see what happen.Then he found everything was completely transformed.And change his thought and perceive.Then I search some information online,found that some people said the experience after took hallucinogenic drug,will change their mind,similar as meditation.

IMG_9558 mIMG_9559

Ghost in the photo from ‘The Inner Eye’



IMG_9560 IMG_9561



Projective effect





Visual Hallucination



Recently,I found an interesting artist Juul Kraijer.His art works are peaceful and weird.Some of them also bring about fear to audience.Very impressive.

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After I saw Juul Kraijer’s work,those images inspire me.Those works which have numbers of flies bend over human’s body have a strong impact.My body react some feeling like itch after I saw these works.Although it is not happen on my body.It remind me some drug user feel thousands of ants creep on their body after they use drug.But actually it just hallucination which is cause by drug.However,this stimulation of visual will trigger people’s physical consciousness,like discomfort.Research found that tactile sense and motoneuron will react to visual signal.So I want to try some experiment that project some image and video on people’s body,see what they feel.Different object will bring different emotion to people.



IMG_9556 IMG_9557

Then I tried to make some animation first,project on people’s body.At first,I want to project some ants,but I found that projector can not project dark color like ants.Once I projected it ,black ants became white ants.These will weaken reality that people may not react as expect.

So I tried to change to ladybird.It was much better than ants.First tried to project on different texture.But camera will reduce many detail of the image.These projective image are more detailed in reality.

DSCF2983 DSCF2985 DSCF2986

DSCF2988 DSCF2993 DSCF2995 DSCF3005

After this,I also tried to project universe.Like some people said they feel they are part of universe who after use drug or meditation.

DSCF3026 DSCF3030 DSCF3032 DSCF3037