Month: February 2014

Projective style

One of my friend Yanshun( who is a photographer in China.Some of his work use projector project on model’s body,then capture the picture.The visual effect is amazing and dramatic.I found that numbers of artist enjoy using projective image to create their work,such as performance,photography or even painting,which also achieve a nice effect.

屏幕快照 2014-03-01 下午9.29.54 屏幕快照 2014-03-01 下午9.29.58 屏幕快照 2014-03-01 下午9.30.23 屏幕快照 2014-03-01 下午9.30.41 屏幕快照 2014-03-01 下午9.31.29 屏幕快照 2014-03-01 下午9.32.09

It also remind me a MV I saw before ,it also use projector project on people’s face.It is impressive.

Thus,I want to make some experiment of using projective image.Try to figure out what will inspire me.


Interim show


Tonight the interim show was open.It was exciting when I saw audience sit down and watch our work.

Then we discusses our work with Jonathan.He think our video is ok,but the box is extremely ugly.Jonathan said a bad appearance will affect audience look at our work.It will lead to some audience even don’t want to sit down and watch.Indeed,compare those work around,their set up and arrangement are exquisite.Another bad thing is we soiled the floor and Jake’s work.We did soiled the floor,but about soiled Jake’s work is not our fault.It was make by my friend,he is kind and help me to painted the chair that carelessly soiled Jake’s work.I saw how it happen,but he is not on purpose and I don’t want to blame him.Maybe is our fault because we haven’t remind him be careful. Although it was make me depressed,but I realized for the first time that set up and arrangement is important as well as the content.Because the appearance is part of artwork,it will attract audience’s curiosity and interaction,especially interactive art.I need to pay more attention on arrangement in my next work.About my video,I’m not satisfy about it.Because I want to make the projective animation look like float in the air.Jonathan said not one can to do it now.However,I had look at some work which use 3D mapping,they look like the animation is float in the air.Thus maybe I search about these information and figure out how they do it.

Setting up interim show

Me and shiye decided to share a space to display our work because at first curators said every one only can have a small space.So we share a space in order to have a larger space.Then we decided to make a box which will have a small hole,because shiye’s animation need to control audience’s angle of view.It also simulate old animation box.Although this design is suitable for shiye’s work not mine,but because we want to share space and we bought projector together,so my work need to display in same box.However, I think it will be interesting to watch my video in a small box.

Because of lack of time,we spend all our time to make the video.So we have no choice to make the box by ourselves and use some boxes which already made for project animation.


So we need to reform them and splicing them to make a box which we want.It is our first time to make a box for exhibition,so it will be not prefect.

IMG_8009 IMG_8010 IMG_8017 IMG_8057 IMG_8062

Then we decided to use a grey paper post on the projective side,because we remember that Jonathan said use grey color will prefect the projective effect.Indeed,it was better than before.And we began to painted the box.In fact,we painted some intentional texture because if painted flat and smooth,those tapes on the box will be extremely obvious which will be ugly.

DSCF1037 DSCF1043 DSCF1046 DSCF1035



Finally,we have finished.Although the chair is unsatisfactory,but we can’t find a white beauty chair in short time.So what can we do is tried our best to make them look better and match.We know it looks bad..But it is our first time to make this all by ourselves,next time we will do it better.

cooperative experiment ‘I,Malvolio’ (6)

I tried to modify the animation of “I,Malvolio” for the Interim show.I have add a frame in the animation,because most people said they like this frame.This frame will wrap dancer to present his moral status,control,broke through,control.Jake has recored another good quality video,but unfortunately he lost the document.So this is the final video.


It also come to a conclusion about this experiment.Because I just want to tried a new way to display animation,it is not necessary to spend more time on it.Review this experiment,it is my first time to use a different way to present animation.This is a good opportunity for me to entry digital world.Although the result is not perfect,such as animation still need to improve.Besides,I’m not satisfied about the visual effect,because I want to project the animation in front of dancer,look like 3D,float in the air.This animation is a little bit deform on dancer’s body,I think if I make a deformation animation and project on his body would be better.Next time I will try another experiment to do this.

At the same time,I was helping shiye to make animation of her work,and do some post-processing work.

屏幕快照 2014-01-23 上午7.49.14

扫描 11 扫描 10 扫描 9 扫描 8 扫描 7 扫描 6 扫描 5 扫描 4

Look at “Which is your brass voice”


Authors introduce in their blog ,this work aims at investigating the relationship between creation and fruition of art, in works that show  intelligent responsiveness to viewer input. Similar as Lozano-Hemmer’s work,this piece invites people to interact by their voices into microphones.However,the difference is this work is transferred the voice into in instrument’s voice.The installation creates a cycle of interaction that transforms viewers into performers, immersing them in a heightened environment consisting of sound, lights and real-time processing. How the installation reacts depends entirely on the involvement of its visitors.In the aspect of technology,this piece installation can interpretation of the relationship between man an the machine extremely well.On the interactive technology also impressive,the behavior of the audience can interact in a timely manner and works.

Due to less information about this work,I can only watch the video to learn about the work.Although the author intends to use users’ voice is transformed into sound and color lights for exploring rich aesthetic interactions.However,in my point of view,this artwork still has some deficiencies.Firstly,authors use voice transfer into musical instruments sound this art form,in some extent is for the brass festival.Most of the artists are transferred the voice to another element such as light,video.Perhaps because this artwork transfers voice to the same element,which make this work become a mess when  audiences’ voice transfer into the musical instrument.Thus,it is far from aesthetics.In my opinion,because of the audience too focus on the interactive and co-creation,which ignore the manipulation of uncontrollability in this work.At first,viewer’s interaction is uncontrollable,author only through command the control to maintain the quality and aesthetics of the artwork.However it seems that in this artwork, prefer to be laissez-faire,only under a group of professional singer’s interactive can produce melodious melody.At other times,it is chaotic,not only the experience unsatisfactory,but also the visual effect,the place of light and microphone are slightly random.