Month: January 2014

Notes of ‘The creative act’

This article is recommended by Ed.These are some notes and highlight I type on computer during I read this article.

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After finished this article,I changed some of my thought.I completely agree that Duchamp said whatever adjective of the artwork,art still is art,not matter it is good or not.In some extent,aesthetic of art is determine by audience.The creative act is not only complete by artist,same as the interactive theory,audience’s engagement and contribute is part of the work.So part of  judgement of art is in audience’s hands.Because they are receiver,so the feedback is completed by them.


cooperative experiment ‘I,Malvolio’ (4)

Because lack of time,we delete later parts of this performance,change to a simple animation which prefer visual effect than story.Because the animation of letter is monotonous.So I want to use some geometric figure to enrich animation.Appearance and variation of geometric figure will base on the music melody.In the second part,dancer will lay down,project his image on the wall that imply his inner emotion.His image will dance to express his anger and fear.In the end,dancer will stand up and overlap with his image which mean he clam down and back to real world.

IMG_8446 IMG_8447

Similar as before,I use Photoshop to draw key frames,then use AE to make animation.

屏幕快照 2014-01-23 上午7.27.13 屏幕快照 2014-01-23 上午7.26.54

This is anticipated effect :

At the same time,Jake went to green screen studio to record some material of Lin’s dance.

We will try to project a formal one later.

‘For those who see’

In research of digital information the installation ‘for those who see’ created by Daniel Schulze shows the beauty of the unseen. The impulse of sound creates a vortex air ring‚ invisible, as the sound itself. Only fog is demonstrating this aesthetic phenomenon. Individually released to the air, our visual perception connects the single rings to patterns, surfaces or bodies, before they slowly dissolving. These could be viewed as a whole picture or an individual fragment – inviting one to contemplate and wonder.

forthosewhosee01 forthosewhosee02 forthosewhosee03 forthosewhosee04

I like these kinds of visible those unseen phenomenon.They present the invisible world to us,those aesthetics are fascinating.